Brasserie Wolf

SH calls early in the day to remind me that we’re having lunch with the French Embassy today. Oh yumz! This was to be a closeout lunch of sorts for the study trip that we took to Europe in October. Given that all the arrangements in France were made through them without even having met them, it was indeed timely to meet our kind hosts.

“Lunch @ Brasserie Wolf; 80 Mohd Sultan Rd; pls confirm” That was the message from SH. Wow…sounds pub-ish. Some checks and about an hour later, I’m behind the wheel to Brasserie Wolf. Located behind The Pier on Mohd Sultan Rd, facing the S’pore River, it’s located next to a row of eateries which looked equally tempting. (I’ll be back to visit The Chocolate Factory!)

Introductions and a lot of friendly chit chat later (the French really like to talk – a bit hard to cut in too…got to time it properly), the menus were presented. I was sooo tempted to take up their offer of wine. Unfortunately, had to rush back for a 2pm meeting with the big boss, so not wise to drive back under the influence of alcohol and arrive smelling like a Bourdeaux winepress. :P (Note to self: next time, do not arrange any mtgs before 3pm and take a cab!)

Not wanting to pore through the a la carte menu, I settled for the 2-course set lunch. I notice our hosts, like all good hosts, did the same except everyone else went for the 3-course which included dessert. I was not disappointed.
Entree was a foie gras with caramelised apples and mains was lamb medallions on a bed of mash potato and baked potato cubes.
The foie gras was different from the one I had at the Pompedeau Centre in Paris – that was more a foie gras pate. This one was the entire goose liver, pan fried so it was crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside…oh, gosh…I can almost taste the foie gras just thinking about it! Mated with the caramelised apples and drizzled with excellent olive oil and vinigratte, it was heavenly!
The lamb (I love lamb) was equally well done. Though not pink on the inside, it retained it’s tenderness and did not give me a sore jaw like many a lamb overdone. Resting on a bed of mash potato that was a light green in colour (probably mixed with some greens), the combination was excellent. The crispy potato cubes had an excellent flavour that I just can’t quite put a finger too. It was an excellent dish that did not fill me too much.

Overall, it’s an excellent place. Afterall, the French embassy chose it – and it was not the first time they used the place. The meal was yummy yet not too filling. I suspect I woud have enjoyed the citrus salad with mango sorbet if I had the time. This and a glass or two of merlot would have made my day. :) Nonetheless, I left for my 2pm meeting feeling very happy and savouring the lingering taste of foie gras and lamb on my palate. Ahhh….
(No pics, unfortunately cos we were having a working lunch…will bring TS there soon.)

2 Responses to “Brasserie Wolf”

  1. 1 aurora
    December 6, 2006 at 10:57 pm

    what’s the price range? i think i’ll start saving up my pennies to go there soon.

  2. December 6, 2006 at 11:04 pm

    Oh, it’s very affordable. Set lunch costs $20+++(2-course) or $24+++(3-course). There’s foie gras, pumpkin soup, salad with scallops to choose from for entrees. Lamb medallions, grilled chicken, beef and one more thing I can remember for mains. Citrus salad with sorbet, tiramisu and two other things for dessert. Wine menu is extensive.
    A la carte items are the usual starting from sub-$20 items.

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